To reimagine the internet, I chose to do the Earth and it’s layers. The yellow represents the inner core, the orange represents the outer core, the red represents the mantle, and the green represents the continental and oceanic crust. The center of everything, the inner core is the Internet itself. Further out, in the outer core, there is polarity and division. In real life, the outer core is a liquid consisting of the metals iron and nickel, responsible for creating our magnetic field. In turn, this creates our poles, which is why I chose polarity and division which come hand in hand with the Internet for this layer. In the mantle, there are push pins and words that go along with the color of the push pins. These words represent what comes from using the internet. Red would be considered “bad”, yellow would be good or bad, and green would be “good.” From these points there are lines that represent seismic reflections (earthquakes). These earthquakes reflect onto the surface causing damage. I chose to do this concept because the Internet is global and groundbreaking.

Made this for digital studies, and I've never written blogs before. This should be interesting.